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New Year and New Changes

January 7, 2015 

So after over a year of planning and thinking and waiting (I first wrote privately about it in November 2013), I am so happy to announce that we are, as of this month, trying to conceive baby #3!

Lets look at the goals I set back then and see where we stand today:

to do’s
finish bedrooms and entry way
buy a vehicle that fits three car seats
move to day shift
finish classes for bsn with clinical component
small goals
buy and install reverse osmosis water filter
dental check up
buy life insurance

fitness goals

get back to goal weight!

consciously eat healthier
eliminate soda
increase vegetables
start juicing 
stop ordering out (a lot)
start practicing yoga again

The bedrooms and entryway are mostly finished and we are using all of them. The only work that remains is to refinish the floors in our bedroom and the upstairs entryway.

I have a down payment saved for my new family vehicle and with our trade ins we are financially ready at this point. We're just now looking around for a good deal and this is something that can wait a few months. Also, I realized money was a huge stress on my mind. When I had Abby, I didn't have any paid maternity leave and it really drained our finances, and I was tired of worrying about money month to month. The last half of last year and now this year was spent straightening out or finances. I calculated how much I would need saved to cover my bills when I wasn't working and set a plan to accomplish that. I also decided on how much of a down payment I would feel comfortable with for a family vehicle. One of those goals has been accomplished and I'm only a few weeks away from the other. We also took a long hard look at our bills and made some cuts and sacrifices to lessen the pinch every month.

I moved to day shift at work a few months ago. This is the one I was most nervous about and its a big check! Now we have more baby sitting options.

All of the small goals have been accomplished for some time now. The filter has been in for a year, I've had life insurance for months and I even now have a retirement plan. Yay adult things!

One huge thing that I'm so so excited about is that Jeff finally quit smoking a year ago. I fell like he's so much healthier and it's so much better for our children and any future children. I hated that smell of smoke and what he was doing to his body. During my other two labors, he had to keep excusing himself to go smoke and then would come in with the smoke still on him. I hated it. I'm so unbelievably proud of him now and grateful that he did this for our family. 

As far as my health, between January and June of last year I lost 54 lbs, finally reaching 1lb above my goal weight. Since then I have gained back about 10lbs. I really did not watch what I ate at all or even try to exercise over the past few months so I'm excited that 10lbs is all I gained. Honestly I've never had trouble losing weight, but the second I hit my goal, I bounce right back up to what I was before. 

What I'm Doing Now

Since this cycle began and I knew we were actively going to start trying, I have really turned my diet around. I've detoxed from coffee (the worst), I'm eating small healthy meals about four times a day and snacking on super healthy things only like apples with peanut butter, hummus and pita (or hummus on my finger...) and lots of greek yogurt with fruit. 

I scored a really good deal on a nice blender on Target.com that's supposed to come in tomorrow, and I plan on making healthy smoothies once a day.  

Earlier this week I also started practicing yoga daily. I'm so sad that I let this fall by the wayside this past year. On the other hand, the last time I practiced I hadn't reached my weight loss goal and was 30lbs heavier than I am now and I'm finding it so much easier. I remember from my last pregnancies that in the 3rd trimester the body releases something called relaxin (a hormone) that helps relax the pelvic muscles and ligaments in preparation for birth and it makes you super stretchy and bendy, so I can't wait to see how that affects my practice!

It's amazing how easy it is to change your lifestyle for someone else, compared to changing it for yourself. 

Preparing for Pregnancy Pre-Pregnancy

I've been taking prenatals intermittently since the summer, but since were actively trying now, I switched to a chewable one that has fish oil to help the baby's brain grow (there are also tons of other reasons and benefits for both mom and baby) after being inspired by a chapter in The Healthy Pregnancy Book by Dr. Sears on the benefits of Omega-3s. I love my prenantal. Except for the fact that it doesn't contain iron. I've never had a problem with anemia or bleeding but I feel that iron is important to have on board, so today I bought Slow-Fe, or a slow release iron supplement. 

On top of the prenatal and iron, I've started drinking 8oz of pure pomegranate juice a day and at least one cup of raspberry leaf tea a day which I will continue throughout my upcoming pregnancy. Raspberry leaf tea has a gazillion benefits for conception, pregnancy and just women's reproductive health in general including overall uterine health, less painful periods, and shorter easier labors. More are listed here. I first heard about drinking pomegranate juice when we were trying to conceive Abby, and the cycle I started was the cycle we got pregnant. Its rich in antioxidants and overall thought to be crazy good for you, but specifically its thought to thicken the lining of the uterus and increase blood flow to the uterus promoting implantation. 

I've also already been to my doctor for a check up and "preconception counseling," which basically just included him telling me basic pregnancy info. Being my 3rd pregnancy almost I really knew all of the stuff he was saying. I weighed in there at 185 and he made a comment that I was up 8lbs from the month prior when I saw my primacy for asthma exacerbation. So now my goal is to be 177 at my first prenatal visit. 

So as of Today...

Ovulation is coming, I can feel it but I haven't had a + ovulation test yet, which I'm really not expecting until tomorrow or Friday. We've started trying anyway, just incase. And because it's fun (lol). The next time I can test is in 16 days.

Last month we weren't actively trying but had already ditched the birth control. Our timing wasn't anywhere close to ovulation but it was still exciting buying those tests again and waiting and waiting... for the negative. 

For emotions? Excited! I can't wait to be pregnant again. I honestly love it. I love the anticipation of waiting for labor, and I even love labor and delivery. I can't wait to be the mother of a newborn again and then watch that child grow and become a unique being. But also... Nervous! Oh my God are we seriously talking about another child? That's three children! Sam and Abby are only 3 1/2 and 2, they're practically babies! But on the other hand... Confident and calm. This is our third child. I know pretty much what to expect. And I'm 27 now. When I was 23 and first pregnant with Sam, I knew nothing about babies children or family dynamics. Since he has been born I really dove into natural and gentle pregnancy, birth and child raising philosophy and I just feel better prepared. 

Hopes for this Pregnancy

We always said that now that we have one boy and one girl, if we decided to have a third we wouldn't find out the gender. I still hope to do this but I don't know if we'll be able to hold out!

I'm hoping to continue healthy eating and practicing yoga throughout my pregnancy. 

My last delivery was all natural, so I'm hoping to do that again. I also want to try to push in a different position and maybe catch the baby myself. I'm thinking since it's my 3rd, and second with the same doc, maybe he'll say ok. 

For the more superficial: I want to do weekly updates! I have like one picture of myself pregnant! I have a tripod now so I really want to try for weekly updates here and see the both of us grow.

So that's all the news for now. Hopefully this first month is the month! 

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