Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Now We Wait...

January 12, 2015

So I guess we're done trying to conceive for this month. I honestly have no idea whether or not I think we'll be successful. My cycles have been like clockwork so I ovulated when I thought I would and our timing was good, but we didn't get to "try" as much as we would have liked. Both kids have been sick for over a week, Jeff has been back to work and gets home very late at night and I've been so tired lately, probably because I haven't had a coffee in weeks.

In the mean time, I've been focusing a lot on my health and making sure my body is as ready as it can be for a possible pregnancy. I added an extra Omega-3 supplement after rereading the chapter about it in The Healthy Pregnancy Book. This is in addition to the prenatal, and the gentle iron I started since my prenatal had no iron (boo).

I've also been eating super healthy. I started making smoothies today with yummy fruits, peanut butter and almond milk and sipping on one for breakfast. The one I made today was super filling and I just had a small bowl of lentil soup for lunch. I made fish for the first time on my own, and had baked haddock and quinoa for super. Shockingly the kids actually ate it, even Sam who eats nothing.  I'm working on increasing good fats with nuts and fish, decreasing bad fats by cutting fried stuff and sweets and increasing fruits and veggies and legumes.

The healthy pregnancy book is so inspiring and it really gives you the stuff you need to know and how to do it. Now that Abby has her own room, its nice to be able to stay up a little bit and read something interesting (and still be asleep by 930 ha!).

So now we wait and wait... the dreaded two week wait. I'm going to be distracting myself with nutrition, daily yoga and of course my sweet sweet littles. I'm going to keep tracking my cycle in case we have to try again next month and hopefully everyone is healthy and well rested so we're not too tired to try!

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