Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This is it!

January 26, 2015

After three months of "trying" for another child, yesterday we found out we're expecting! We're so over the moon happy yet I feel so much more calm in this pregnancy than in my first two. There was no PANIC like before, just happiness. I'm dying to start getting the little nursery area together and start washing and folding little clothes, going to doctor appointments and seeing baby grow. I can't believe that after thinking about it for months and years that it's finally here, we're finally pregnant again.

There's no real big story about how we found out. I had planned to test yesterday and managed somehow to wait. Jeff was right in the kitchen as I was reading the test. We even told Sam and Abby and they were really cute and said they wanted a "baby to come to the house " but I don't know if they remember. I've told a few friends but no family yet. I think we'll tell people sooner this pregnancy but I'm not sure when yet.

And on that note, I present my second pregnant picture ever!

I told myself that I would actually document this pregnancy every week. So along with the picture, here's some more stuff:

How big: size of a poppy seed

How far along: We just found out yesterday, so 4 weeks and 2 days, Due November 30th

Doctor's Appointment:  April 22

Feeling Pregnant: I've definitely been nauseated since yesterday and super wiped out. I was really nauseous on the way to the store yesterday (to buy the sets that came back positive!) but by the time we were coming home I stopped at Dunkins and DESTROYED a toasted egg sandwich with bacon that I don't even usually like! I never eat anything with bacon.
Today is a little worse, a little more tired, a little more nauseous, but I have two other children and a house to care for so I'm really trying to pace myself, get the rest I need and still got done what I need to. I'm trying to munch on toast and sip water to settle the nausea but I haven't been able to eat much yet today.

Everything is really falling into place here. Jeff and I both found out we'll be getting raises in April, and Jeff is getting call backs from even better jobs that he's been applying to.

So what's next??

Sam's birthday is coming up next week and he wants to go to the aquarium. He's tuning four and I can't believe it.
Abby is going to start potty training this weekend.
I'm starting to detox from coffee again. I was totally free from it a month ago, but its so so tasty. I just love it. Its part of my routine in the morning. But I know its not the best for me so its going.

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