Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Quick Potty Update

     So Sam has been potty trained for about 4 months now (it seems like a lot longer than that). In the last potty post I had made a few goals that we were still looking to hit. As for now, he will mostly say when he has to go to the bathroom, but if he's doing something really fun he'll totally lie and say "no" even if he's doing a full on potty dance.

     I'm working with him now on pulling his pants up and down but he still needs a lot of help. It's hard to watch him trying to do it on his own when I know that I can just do it in two seconds, but it's part of the process.

     He hasn't had any accidents in a long time. at one point he did regress for the better part of a week and had, like, three accidents a day all over himself and the couch, floor, kitchen chair, wherever. We went back to basics and did almost a "toileting schedule" and put him on the potty every 90 minutes and we fixed that problem in about a day.

     I still put a pull-up on him at night and a nap time, though nine times out of ten he's dry after nap and in the morning, so mostly its for mess prevention and convenience.

     Our biggest problem right now is poop. Most of the time, he out right refuses to poop on the potty. At the beginning of last week, some wind of fortune blew in my direction and he went on the potty for about three days straight and of course we made the hugest deal ever about it. Since then? Nada. At least he is considerate enough to go during nap when he's wearing a pull-up instead of messing his whole outfit. I've tried to read some things about kids who refuse to go #2 and I'm not finding anything definite or really helpful. I'm hoping he'll just grow out of it at this point.

     Next is Abby. I was hoping to train her by the end of the summer before the weather got too cold. I let her run around the house for two days with no pants like I did for Sam, but she didn't seem to be making the connection and we stopped. She picked out her own potty and underpants (yup, Despicable Me boy briefs), and she is definitely still interested in in so I'm thinking about trying again shortly.

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