Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Potty Journal: Week 3

This is probably going to be the last potty journal. He really seems to get it. 

At the very beginning of the week he had two accidents. I don't know if we were too confident or just forgot or what, but he peed once on the floor and then once sitting on my lap!! Ugh! I'd be more grossed out of I didn't have the professional body fluids conditioning that I get 3-4 days a week at work. 

He acknowledged the accidents and seemed a little upset, so I just reminded him gently that pee only goes in the potty and not on the floor. He hasn't had an accident since. We've been out to stores, the lake, Grammie's house, no pull up on just-in-case. I just watch for him to start dancing, bring him to the bathroom with the Prince Lionheart Potty Ring I got ages ago and he goes. 

Today he even started telling me he needs to go to the potty which is another huge step I think. He's never been huge on sharing his thoughts and feelings with words. He even sat and tried so hard to poop on the potty. I'm not sure if he just didn't have to go or what because after sitting for a little while and a little talking about it he gave up. 

So the only to-do's left in Sam's potty training are:

  • Saying he has to go with consistency
  • Walking over to the potty himself without being prompted
  • Pulling his pants up and down
  • Nap and night time dryness which really only comes with age

I'm so proud of us. I feel like we're battle worn now; that I've actually done some real parenting and everyone has come out of it feeling positive and our goal was accomplished. I'm putting a damn sticker on his chart for myself. 

Next up is going to have to be Abby. She's so ready to learn. She pushes Sam off the potty and wants to sit on it a thousand times a day. She hates being wet and tells me when she wants to be changed or when she's going to poop. And now she has big brother to watch. According to the readiness checklist in the Elizabeth Pantley book I mentioned in the last potty post, she's more ready than Sam was, but I didn't know what self esteem issues I'd cause by training little sister before big brother. Like I said, this one was touchy and scary for me. I wouldn't want to screw up and make Sam a serial murderer. 

And lets be honest, even if I was the worst potty training parent ever and Sam grew up to become a mass bomber or mall up skirt video taker, I'd still love him as long as he came home and told me about his day. 

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