Friday, May 2, 2014

52 Weeks of Toddler Experiences Week 7: Painting with Feet

     I love doing art projects with the kids. I feel like making a god awful, hideous mess is part of childhood. Painting with feet is something I saw cruising Pinterest late at night and I couldn't wait to try it. Sam got two huge rolls of paper for his birthday, so I rolled out a few strips and taped them together, covering most of the kitchen floor (and honestly, my kitchen floor is ugly and old and needs replacing so I wasn't too terribly concerned with protecting it). Then I laid out paper plates with all different colors of paint, different types of brushes, rollers and sponges and let them have at it! No one actually painted with their feet but I am now the proud owner of a massive piece of toddler art that I have no idea what to do with lol.

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