Tuesday, May 27, 2014

52 Weeks of Toddler Experiences Weeks 9 (1/2) and 10: Blowies and Backyard Zoo

Some how last weeks just got away from me. I've been working extra to try to save up and take the kids to the beach at the end of next month, the weather was bad and I was in a funk. I wanted to make up for missing last week so we snuck outside before this afternoon's thunderstorms roll in to blow some of those puffy dead dandy lions around (I used to call them "blowies" when I was a kid) and to look for some friendly animals.


    I thought Sam was going to be more into this than he was as he's usually my little nature boy, but honestly how adorable are these pictures of Abby?

    She loved the "blowies" and only ate a few. When blowing them off was too slow she pulled the rest off and let them fly before moving them on to something else.

Back Yard Wild Animal Encounter!

     This one was almost purely luck. I knew if we hunted around the yard long enough we would find some type of creature to look at (we live near a brook and theres always something around). But what we found was totally perfect. Snakes are one of Sam's favorite animals (after sharks and dinosaurs of course) and we found a nice big fat, yet pretty docile, garden snake. 

     I tried not to aggravate it too much as I'd really like it to stick around for a while and get rid of some of the chipmunks digging huge holes in all my gardens. Sam loved it, and cried when it crawled back into the grass and out of sight and even tried to tempt it with a little frog we found later: "Here snake here! A frog snack!" Lucky for the frog, he didn't bite.

   Now that it's nap time and the clouds are getting thicker I'm glad I got them out before it rains for the next two days. So much for the lake day I wanted to do this week. 

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