Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 4: 52 Weeks of Toddler Experiences

     So after this past gorgeous New England weekend when I was trapped at work, our super fun zoo day I had planned for today is a washout. I was so bummed. I hadn't told the kids, of course, where we were possibly going today so they didn't know any different. It was still pretty warm out despite the rain so I had all the windows open, and I heard Sam talking to someone or something in the playroom. I went around the corner and found him talking to a tiny little spider (I know, gross) that was walking up the screen in the window. He had so much fun talking with the little spider, watching it walk, 'feeding' it pine needles that were still trapped in the screen from winter. He told me all about spiders, their webs, their legs and then he showed Abby the spider and told her all the same things.
     I don't think that all memorable experiences need to be intricately planned knock-out ones. The imagination of a child can take the smallest observation or event and be completely in awe. Sam didn't need the zoo today to have a special moment, all it took was a tiny spider on a window. Its another one of the amazing things children can teach their parents when the parent is listening and, thankfully, today I was. 

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