Friday, April 11, 2014

Week 3 Toddler Experiences

     I'm totally slacking on posting these experiences! We did this seed planting a few weeks ago and I feel like I was waiting to post it and now all of the sudden we're a week behind! Sadly week 4 we did nothing special except planning for Sam's 3rd birthday party, which may not be on the list but was very special for us, especially a certain little boy.
     This time we just did #9: Plant a Seed, but in a few weeks with will be garden planting time and I plan on involving the kids and having them help me plant my yearly veggie garden.

     They picked their little bean seeds and "planted" them on wet paper towels inside ziplock baggies like I remember doing in elementary school. Abby was completely involved in the activity, she couldn't wait for her turn to pick her bean and was engaged right up until we taped them to the window.
     Sam enjoyed it for a little while, but it wasn't really his thing. He was more like "yeah I'll put the bean in here, but now I think I'll go play." Which is totally cool. Both of then are not going to absolutely love every single activity and that fine, all kids are different. I have some activities planned over the next few weeks that I know he's going to go nuts for!

     We planted the seeds on 3/28 and now they have little roots all the way to the bottom. So now I'm in the realm of, so now what? Its getting warmer here but it's not quite planting time here in Mass so I guess I'll hang on to them for a while and then I'll show the kids how to plant them in the ground some time in May.

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