Wednesday, June 11, 2014

52 Weeks of Toddler Experiences Week 12: Boston Museum of Science

    It's no secret how much Sam loves dinosaurs. Just before his birthday I was looking for places close by to take him to see some dinosaur bones. 

     Last year I took the kids and my sister into Boston to the Harvard Museum of Natural History because it was a part of the Blue Star Museum program and relatively close by. As is anything in Boston it was a pain in the ass to get to and there was on street parking only. Nightmare. Sam was satisfied with the bones and stuff they had but it was so stressful other wise (no parking, no AC, no elevator, no strollers allowed) that I wanted someplace different this time. 

     I found the MOS online and remembered going there as a kid in school but the prices are astronomical. I held on to all of Sam's birthday money and decided that instead of spending it all on one trip to do a lot of smaller ones. I was kind of bummed. 

     Fast forward a few weeks later and I get my cousin's wedding invitation in the mail. And lo and behold, its AT the Museum of Science, and included in the invitation is a free pass for each guest for that weekend! Obviously we had to go. 

     Jeff absolutely HATES going into the city so I took my sister (again) instead since she was staying at my house anyway. I had in my head the idea of how to get there and honestly should have just gone with that but for some reason turned on my GPS that suddenly decided to yell TURN LEFT NOW in the middle of our nice easy route, propelling us into the bowels of the city. I had no clue where we were, we were lost for a half an hour. At one point we were on some piece of highway that was seriously hundreds of feet in the air, over treetops and buildings. Awesome. 

    So finally somehow we get there. Obviously we went directly to the dinosaur room and stayed there for the majority of the time. Sam and Abby both loved it. There were a few fossils and skeletons and a huge model T. Rex. They also had little games and activities for kids. 

     We finally wrestled them out of the dinosaur room and they had so much other stuff; The Science of the Park, The Hall of Human Life, a movie theatre, live animals, taxidermy local animals in little fake habitats, and a Discovery Center play area for little kids to play in. 

     Of course we had to go in the Butterfly Garden (which was 22 freakin' dollars for 15 minutes). Abby seemed to like it and it was good for cute pictures but Sam was ready for nap and he didn't like anything at that point. 

  At the end of the very long tiring city day, I'm glad we went. I love doing new and interesting things with the kids especially if they can learn something. 

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